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About Us

Need help finding the lowest rates on life insurance? By utilizing our state-of-the-art technology we can help you find the best coverage for the lowest possible premiums with savings that are often quite substantial.

How it works

You provide the type of insurance needed (life, health, auto etc.), and type in your zip code. Within seconds your search will result in as many as eight preselected companies that provide quotes in your local area. These companies will then provide quotes based on your personal profile.

While there are hundreds of American companies that offer insurance products, not all operate in every state and every zipcode. Our search technology will locate the carriers that offer coverage in your region that have the best policies and prices.

Think of the time and energy you'll save by using AdvantageTerm's search technology rather than contacting all those companies yourself. This of course is a free, no-obligation service.

Professional Guidance As You Need It

To receive your quote, you may want to schedule a personal appointment with a professional. An agent will contact you for such an appointment.

Insurance policies can be very confusing. It is almost impossible to compare policies. Not only do they cost different amounts, they have different conditions such as waiting periods, contestability, amount of coverage, and so forth.

We believe that your best course is to go over a few alternative policies with a local professional. That person can best discuss your unique financial situation as well as coverage for your family's individual needs.

Start the process today by utilizing AdvantageTerm's search form now. Again, this is a free no-obligation service to consumers.

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